A Local Favorite for Over 55 Years

Nati's Mexican Restaurant

1852 Bacon Street, San Diego, CA
(619) 224-3369

Open 11 a.m. Daily.


Nati's Parties

A luncheon banquet room is available for up to 50 people. A reasonably priced party menu makes your party hassle free.

Nati's Catering

We can prepare meals for groups up to 100 people. Whether it's our tasty Cheese Enchiladas or our Carne Asada Burritos, all menu items are available for take-out.

Or if you prefer, create your own tacos and burritos with our Packages, Pints & Quarts to Go.

Beans (Refried) 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Rice 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Enchilada Sauce 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Salsa (Hot Sauce) 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Jalapeño Peppers Package Pt. Gal.
Carrots 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Taco Beef (Ground) 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Taco Beef (Shredded) 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Corn Chips Package Pt. Lb.
Soup 1/2 Pt Pt. Qt
Guacamole 1/2 Pt Pt.  
Tortillas (Corn) 1/2 Doz. Doz.  
Tortillas (Flour) 1/2 Doz. Doz.  
Taco Shells (Corn)   Doz.  
Tostada Shells (Corn)   Doz.  
Quesadilla Shells   Doz.  
Salsa Especial 1/2 Pt. Pt.  

For pricing and ordering, call (619) 224-3369.